Occupational Therapy


occupational therapy

Welcome to Angel Care, where we help you unlock your potential through occupational therapy (OT). Our focus is on improving your overall well-being by assisting you in participating in the activities that matter most to you. Our therapists are experts in working with individuals of all ages, facing physical or mental health challenges, to enhance their abilities and support their progress every step of the way.

We offer a range of OT services, including home visits, in-clinic services, and home programs. Our mobile therapists are also available to visit you at your location for added convenience. Our services are available for both children and adults.Occupational therapy can help individuals with a range of conditions, including autism, birth injuries or defects, broken bones, cancer, cerebral palsy, developmental delays, mental health or behavioral problems, post-surgical conditions, sensory processing disorders, and more. Our therapists will undertake a comprehensive assessment of each patient to determine their specific needs and skill areas.
Our Occupational Therapists are equipped with the necessary tools and credentials to perform assessments and implement clinical interventions to assist with:
  1. Formalized assessments to evaluate patients, including the ABAS-3, SP-2, PEDI-CAT, ACLS, Movement-ABC 2, and Bayley Scale.
  2. Our therapists are equipped with the necessary equipment and qualifications to carry out assessments and clinically based interventions, including 
    1. functional capacity assessments – links to its own page 
    2. psychosocial functional capacity assessments, 
    3. assistive technology assessments, 
    4. specialised seating and wheelchair prescription, 
    5. therapy and rehabilitation, 
    6. mental health therapy, and more.
We are committed to providing you with the finest quality care possible. Whether you come to us, or we come to you, or even via telehealth. We are here for you!